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First and foremost, we need to bear in mind that in today’s society, everything has already been invented, copied, re-copied and seasoned in every conceivable way, in every conceivable way… This is how the world works today, and will continue to work in the future.

With this in mind, how can 4 people – an IT expert, a businessman, an industrialist and an artist – bring something new, innovative and sincere to everyone’s daily life?

There may be many answers to these questions, some good and some bad, but the whole team decided to follow a simple concept: Art is always reinventing itself, and is the sum of all our cultural heritage in a modern, innovative and exciting world.

And so BELIN & Co was born, anchored in its regional roots and fundamentally turned towards the international arena.

We don’t invent anything, but we do offer our technology, our expertise, our knowledge and our passion to those who immortalize our present every day, who invent tirelessly: the Artists. Those who create without counting the cost, with culture, feelings and talents, we draw a future of solidarity, happy or sad, accommodating or disturbing, but in the end so alive and real.

However, the past is well protected in museums, but artists’ creations must touch the present, the real, the street, families, friends, moments, events, everything that makes up our society, which is constantly on the move. We have to wear our creations so that they become an integral part of our daily lives. OuBelin.

Art is no longer reserved for an elite, it’s part of the pop culture of our consumer society, it’s present from our breakfast to our bedtime, and OuBelin wants to showcase all these talents, these creations, these feelings in our daily lives and for all budgets.

We hope to be a unifying and altruistic force, re-colorizing day by day a world that is turning gray.

Welcome to Belin & Co,
the adventure begins today.

Mark Catap & Sharf

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This post is also available in: English Français (French)