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Welcome to – Where Art Meets Style

Discover the fusion of creativity and fashion at Belin & Co, your ultimate destination for artists’ fashion, accessories, and equipment. Our story is woven with passion for art and a commitment to providing a unique shopping experience:

Our Artistic Journey

Belin & Co emerged from a shared love for artistic expression. Our journey began with a vision to bring the colors of art to the world for everyone. What started as a concept that evolved into a vibrant online space, thanks to the support of our art-loving community.

Artistic Values

Embedded in the fabric of Belin & Co are values that resonate with artists and creators:

  • Expression through Style: We believe in the power of fashion as a form of self-expression, allowing artists to showcase their creativity in every outfit.
  • Quality Tools for Creators: Our commitment to excellence extends to the tools we offer, ensuring artists have access to top-notch equipment to bring their visions to life.

What Sets Belin & Co Apart

  • Curated Artistic Collection: Dive into a carefully curated selection that seamlessly blends fashion-forward styles with the functionality artists need.
  • Supportive Artistic Community: Join our community of artists and creatives. Connect with us on [social media platforms] to share your masterpieces, discover new trends, and be part of a community that celebrates artistic expression.
  • Secure Artistic Haven: is not just a store; it’s a secure haven for artists to explore, create, and express themselves without limits.

Express Yourself with Belin & Co

Whether you’re looking for the latest in artists’ fashion, unique accessories, or high-quality equipment, Belin & Co is your go-to destination. Thank you for choosing us as your artistic companion.

Belin And Co
18 route du val de Gorbio
06500 Menton



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This post is also available in: English Français (French)